Double-sided stickers

Double-sided stickers on foil with a light ultra-removable adhesive are used on glass and walls. The first option is most often chosen in the food industry for refrigerators, windows and everywhere where windows come into play. The second, less obvious option is often used in the pharmaceutical industry where, in addition to advertising graphics on the obverse, we use instructions or legal provisions on the reverse (from the adhesive side). Thanks to the light blocking screen being used in the technological process, we get stickers with graphics on both sides that do not shine through to the other side. The most popular material option is foil with light ultra-removable adhesive. You can also print the sticker only from the adhesive side.

  • double-sided graphics - twice as much advertising space
  • screen - prevents the graphics from showing through to the other side
  • double-sided printing - graphics are visible on both sides of the website