Electrostatic stickers

By using electrostatic charged polypropylene film, these stickers can stick to any dry surface without using glue. These are the most frequently chosen non-adhesive stickers in Poland. Most often they are used in marketing communications and the office industry. The foil meets the Eco friendly assumptions, because it can be 100% recycled. An electrostatic sticker is an ideal solution wherever fast assembly and disassembly matters, and where no other form of advertising can be used for fear of damaging the surface. The electrostatic film has no moisture and temperature fluctuations (especially low), which is why it is chosen for indoor applications.

  • without glue - it is easy to apply and does not leave marks, so it does not damage the walls
  • holds thanks to electrostatic charges - can be used repeatedly and repositioned
  • UV LED - the innovative printing technology used allows to reduce the cost of production, increasing the life of the material