polish english wersja niemiecka

Kunke Poligrafia is the market leader in electrostatic stickers. Electrostatic stickers are used as an advertising medium.
They are most often used by pharmaceutical companies, FMCG, GSM operators and in election campaigns. In addition, it produces: non-slip floor stickers, health and safety stickers.
adhesive stickers on the glass, double-sided stickers with a screen that prevents the graphics from showing through, suction cup stickers with silicone suction cups instead of glue (for household appliances).
It has a wide range of electrostatic notepads, electrostatic flipcharts and electrostatic sticky notes. Electrostatic notebooks are used in internal communication at home and in the company.
They are even indispensable when working with the Brainstorm, Kanban, Metaplan, and Canvas methods. The electrostatic flipchart works very well in the training industry.