polish english wersja niemiecka
- Stick to all surfaces without adhesive. Suitable for indoor use also with graphics to glass - they apply easily and do not leave residue, without damaging the wall surface.
- They stick to the surface due to electrostatic charge - they can be reused and repositioned.
- They can be used in places previously inaccessible to other types of stickers

Through the use of electrostatically charged polypropylene foil, these stickers can adhere to any dry surface without the use of glue. These are the most popular non-glue stickers in Poland. They are most often used in marketing and office communications. The foil meets the requirements for eco-friendly products, because it is 100% recyclable. Electrostatic stickers are a perfect solution wherever quick assembly and disassembly is important and where no other form of advertising can be used for fear of surface damage. The electrostatic foil is not suitable for humid environment and fluctuations of temperature (especially low), therefore it is chosen for indoor applications.