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  1. Placing an order with Kunke Poligrafia Sp. z o.o. is tantamount to accepting the provisions of the following regulations.

  2. At the moment when the Ordering Party receives the "Order Confirmation" by Drukarnia Kunke Poligrafia Sp. z o.o., an agreement is concluded between the Principal and the Contractor.

  3. Kunke Poligrafia Sp. z o.o. carries out orders on the basis of projects provided by the Principal, which should meet the conditions contained in the "Technical conditions" at www.kunke.pl

  4. If the project was made by Kunke Poligrafia Sp. z o.o., after approval by the Principal, the printing house is not responsible for substantive errors.

  5. The Customer is responsible for legal defects resulting from the content and form of the delivered files. Placing an order is tantamount to ensuring by the Principal that it has full rights to reproduce the materials in its possession. The Customer also declares that the files sent are virus-free.

  6. Submitting files for printing at a date other than previously agreed may result in postponing the completion of a given order.

  7. The Ordering Party shall bear the shipping costs, unless otherwise agreed.

  8. Courier shipments are insured and are subject to a complaint in the event of damage during transport. The condition for the refund or replacement of the goods is a damage report drawn up in the presence of the courier (after signing the receipt of the package, check whether it is damaged in any way, also in terms of its content). Postal items sent as valuable are also subject to complaints on the same basis.

  9. The limitation period for any qualitative and quantitative claims is 14 days from the date of delivery of the goods.

  10. In the case of colored works, it is possible to deviate from the original colors and is not subject to complaint, if the client did not provide a certified proof or printout from the previous production together with the project.

  11. Payment for the ordered goods is made as prepayment or cash on delivery. The collection costs are borne by the Contractor. For regular contractors, it is possible to pay with a delayed payment date after presenting the necessary documents and obtaining a positive opinion from the accounting department.