polish english wersja niemiecka
- Double-sided graphics - double advertising space
- Special screen - prevents the graphics from showing through to the other side
- Double-sided printing - the graphics are visible on both sides of the shop window or a display window, it offers the possibility of printing two different graphics.

Double-sided stickers on foil with non-perm glue, thanks to which they do not leave residue on the surface. They are mainly used on glass and display windows. Most often used by the banking sector, food industry and HoReCa. The second, less popular option, is often used in the pharmaceutical industry, where in addition to advertising graphics on the obverse we include instructions or legal regulations on the reverse (adhesive side). Thanks to the use of a light blocking screen in the technological process, we obtain stickers with different graphics on both sides, which do not shine through to the other side. It is also possible to print the sticker only from the adhesive side and stick it with the graphic to the glass.